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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oh So Monochrome | Fashion

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Sunglasses: Quay
Jacket: Michael Kors (via TK Maxx)
Top: New Look
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Nike

I'm back today with a new outfit post - about time! I am so excited to share this look, as I've had this outfit idea in my head for ages now and love some of the pieces in it. 

I decided to keep the base of the outfit pretty simple - just plain black. I've been wearing black a lot lately, and just simply jazzing the outfit up with various blazers and jackets. I have, however finally got myself a pair of Topshop Joni jeans, after refusing to wear jeans for years. I've always struggled to find jeans that are comfy for me to wear, and that fit properly, so I've always opted for leggings/treggings. I've recently gotten into these jeans though, and I actually really like them now - I'm planning on getting them in some other colours! The plain ribbed top is from New Look, and it's actually been such a good basic top throughout the past few months - I have it in camel and black stripe and black and white too, but this one is just ideal as it goes with everything.

My jacket is actually from Michael Kors, via TK Maxx. I spotted this in my local TK Maxx a while ago, and after trying it on I established that I needed it in my life, basically. I love the pattern on it, and it's black and white which makes it easy to pair with other colours (I'll eventually pair it with other colours). It's made of a sort of silky material, so it is quite warm even though it's thin - it certainly retains the heat!

My necklace is from Happiness Boutique, which is an online site based in Germany that stocks an incredible range of jewellery and clothing - they very kindly contacted me and sent me this gorgeous statement necklace, which I picked out from their extensive range. They have an incredible selection - there's definitely something for everyone on there and the quality is really good too.  I paired this necklace with the outfit as it's monochrome, so goes well - the fact it is black and white means that I can easily pair it with other colours too though.

I also added a pop of colour to this look with my Quay sunglasses, which I picked up from Topshop a few months ago. I love these glasses as they fit my face and are just something a bit different for me. I was actually quite nervous wearing them for the first time as they're so different to what I normally go for - I literally normally play it safe with a natural coloured pair of Ray Bans! I love the shape of these though, and I can't wait to wear them more. Finally, I finished off the look with my Nike Air Max Theas - I got them about a month ago and I don't think they've left my feet since - SO comfy!

Have a great week!


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Recent Beauty Favourites | Beauty

I'd like to take this moment to apologise for being an absolutely awful blogger lately, as I have not posted at all! Sometimes life just gets in the way, and lately that is exactly what has happened - I've had a lot of stuff going on which I have struggled to deal with, and thus have completely put blogging/my entire social media presence on the backseat. So I'm really sorry for that!

I am back today with a new post though, and I thought I would share some of the beauty favourites that I have been loving lately. I've found some new products that I have been falling in love with, and some rediscovered products too. If you'd like to hear more then keep on reading...

Elizabeth Arden Sunset Prismatic Bronzing Powder: My current favourite bronzer! I love looking tanned and contoured, so I am always eager to try out new bronzing products. I actually had another Elizabeth Arden bronzer, but I (very cleverly) managed to smash this on a night out, so I picked up this one instead. I adore the packaging and the colour of the bronzer too - I feel like it's really summery and will be perfect for the next few months! 

Kiko Water Eyeshadow in Shade 208: Kiko is a brand that I have been absolutely loving lately, as a store has just opened in Watford and my friend Emily works there, so I pop in whenever I am around, to say hello to her and to buy half the shop. I picked this up on my first visit there, as it had been raved about lately as it makes an amazing highlighter. I use it mainly as a highlighter, which is is absolutely amazing for as it is such a gorgeous champagne gold colour and so pigmented. You can use the water eyeshadows wet or dry, but this is a highlighter that really pops and is just amazing - I use it more than my MAC highlighters. I also use it for it's intended purpose, as an eyeshadow, and it's also amazing for that. I should really invest in a couple of more shades as Kiko's eyeshadows are incredible. 

Rosie for Autograph Starstruck Contour Stick: Oh my goodness, this is LITERALLY my favourite contouring product right now. I'm on my second stick of this, as it is literally my favourite product for contouring. the Starstruck contour stick is a beautiful bronze contour stick, basically perfect for contouring. I find that the colour suits my skin tone perfectly, so as a result I use it every day. It's a really nice formula, it goes on easily and is incredibly easy to blend. I have the highlighter stick as well, but I don't get on with it as well as the contour stick (I generally don't get on with highlighting sticks) so the contour stick is a definite winner for me. 

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer: This is a rediscovery! I used this ages ago, around summertime last year if I'm correct, and I absolutely loved it - it's really long wearing, blendable and high coverage - a winner in my eyes (and under my eyes, as that's where I wear it mainly). I'd kind of forgotten about this as I have been trying out different concealers, but recently I'd really fallen out with all the concealers I'd been using, so on my hunt for a new one, I rediscovered the Eraser Eye. I'm really glad I did as this is just amazing. 

Model Co More Brows: Let's talk about brows! I received this Model Co brow gel in my March Birchbox, and absolutely love it as it is so quick and easy to use. This is my "in a rush" brow groomer - if I'm in a rush for work, running late or just simply my brows don't need much playing with, I'll use this. It's really easy - you simply brush through your brows with the brush and leave it to dry. The shade, Light/Medium is a really good match to my brows and hair so it just goes really well. 

NYX Brow Gel: Another brow product - the NYX Brow gel which has been a favourite of mine over the past few months. I really love using this gel as it keeps my brows in place and tints them at the same time. I can make my brows look really defined with this gel, which is obviously the look I am going for most of the time. I always use this on a night out or when I want my makeup to look slightly more defined. This is the blonde shade, which is a really good match for me. I've also got this in the darker brown shade, which I bought by mistake thinking that it wouldn't be so dark. I can still use it, but I have to be a bit more careful and sparing with it!

Benefit They're Real Mascara: Another beauty rediscovery of mine - Benefit's "They're Real" mascara. When I first tried They're Real (it must of been about three years ago) I honestly hated it; it just wasn't me at all - I felt it was too heavy on my lashes and really hard to remove (probably because I used awful eye makeup remover at the time as well). Fast forward three years and I rediscovered it after my mum got me a sample of it in Sephora - and I actually really like it. As I work full time and am pretty lazy in the mornings, I need something that I just brush on my lashes, that will make them look great in a couple of strokes. They're Real does this for me, and it stays on all day with no smudging too. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "London": NYX recently came to the UK, and I am loving some of their products. I was actually a bit underwhelmed by their products when I first visited the stand in Selfridges in Birmingham a few months ago, but since then on recent visits (they now have a stand in Watford Boots) I have found more products that I like. This lip cream was one of the first things I bought, after hearing so many bloggers rave about them, and I was actually unimpressed at first, as I just felt that it really dried my lips out. Winter is the time of year where I generally just get horrible dry lips, so anything matte is risky for me - although long wearing as matte lipstick tends to stick to the dryness! I recently got this out of the back of my drawer and started wearing it again - now my lips are less dry it is a pleasure to wear, the colour is gorgeous and I am planning on adding a few more to my collection!

Benefit Porefessional Primer: Last but definitely not least, the Benefit Porefessional primer! I started using this a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love it. My skin looks good with the primer alone on it, and it really prolongs the life of my foundation - so it is a must-have product for me. I need to buy another tube of this, as I am currently on my travel-sized tube of it which I've been trying to save for my holiday (I love miniatures and travel-sized products so I always try and save these up for holidays. Weird? Probably.), so that's a purchase that needs to be made! It's funny how I've always liked Benefit products, but of what I have tried, have never found something I really loved - until recently. I can't wait to try more of their products - especially the new brow collection - the packaging looks incredible!
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