On Tuesday I headed over to Leicester Square for the first evening of Bloggers Fashion Week for AW14. This season, BLFW was a two-day event, and I was very lucky to be invited along as a VIB for both days – which obviously, I was very excited about.

At 4PM (Ok, slightly after 4PM as I missed my train) I arrived at The Penthouse, Leicester Square. I immediately spotted some familiar faces – some of my favourite bloggers such as April, Monica, Katie, Em,Beth and Donalyn.  I also met a couple of lovely brands at the VIB-Only part of the evening, Beauty Works and Leighton Denny. Beauty Works are a hair extension brand, which honestly does some beautiful hair extensions and hair pieces – from clip-in extensions and bonded extensions to fishtail plaits and hair buns. I can’t wait to learn more about them and get to know them better. Leighton Denny were also showcasing some of their shades from their nail polish range – Pinks, Reds and Nudes – perfect for Autumn.
At 6PM the main event kicked off, and the other bloggers started to pour in. It was a very busy event – there were so many people there! Myself and the rest of the VIBs headed downstairs to the “Gifting Lounge”, where many brands were showcasing there products. I met so many amazing brands here, and saw some really beautiful products. Some of my favourite brands from the event areDidi’s Boutique,Verity Anne, Vin’s Boutique and Ellie Air.
My favourite pieces from Vins Boutique – I definitely need these in my life!

I love these patterns from Major London 05.

My beautiful ring from Ellie Air jewellery – It’s so simple but so elegant.
I quickly fell in love with this houndstooth check jacket from Verity Anne – Verity who owns the brand makes all the clothes, which really does add a personal touch to them.
Once we’d had a chance to meet the brands and have a look at some fantastic products, we were treated to a fashion show. The brands heading down the catwalk were Didi’s Boutique, Fiorelli and Rocco Fashion.

The Fashion show ended and we had another opportunity to talk to some of the brands – in particular, Didi’s Boutique, which I missed when I first walked around! They have an absolutely incredible range of clothing – I can’t wait to show you some of their products (but that’s saved for another post!) as they really are gorgeous.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of my BLFW posts, check back tomorrow evening for the second post! If you are looking where to sell your watch check Chronostore, very good service!

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