Gift Ideas


Today I wanted to share with you all a few gift ideas. I do have gift guides for him & her in progress at the moment (I’m sure most people have done all their Christmas shopping already though!) but today I wanted to talk about some cheaper ideas for Christmas on a budget. There’s no denying that Christmas is an expensive time of year – you’ve got Christmas dinner itself, presents for everyone, Christmas parties… the list goes on. Thankfully, there are a few affordable gifts out there that you can get – not everything has to be expensive. Here, I’m sharing with you my top 5…
Yankee Candle Gift Set: If you hate Yankee Candles, then apologies for the amount of Candle posts you’ll be seeing over December on here. Yankee Candle do some amazing gift sets, with prices ranging between about £5 up to £20. I know £20 isn’t “under £10” but this Simply Home set of 6 votives from ASDA is one of the lower-prices sets, costing just £6 for 6 festive scents. I’ve noticed similarities between Yankee Candle and Simply Home Yankee Candle scents, so really you are getting the same scents for less – Christmas Treats smells a lot like Christmas Cookie! I find these are really great gifts for anyone who likes candles, as you’ve got 6 different scents to try. I’ll definitely be picking up a couple more boxes of these for Christmas – I know so many people that would like them.
Personalised Photo Frames/Gifts: This frame is from FrameAgain, which launched last year. Frame Again is a website that you can use to have your Instagram photos (or just photos from your computer) printed into cool square-shaped frames. You can personalise the frame too – There’s a variety of colours available. I recently received this gorgeous frame, I chose to have this photo of myself and my friend Kayla from when we met Rosie Marcel (Jac from Holby). I love this photo so much and I’m so happy to have it framed. The frames are magnetic, so they can be clipped together – I’d love to have a big wall display with loads of these in my room, if only I had enough wall space!
So…? Fragrance Gift Sets: I attended So…?’s press day in July, where I got a preview of all their gift sets that they have brought out for Christmas. I’ve made it no secret that I love So…? fragrances – their affordability and staying power is impressive. This gift set is priced at just £7, and you get a 50ml fragrance and body lotion. So…? have SO many different gift sets available – I’ll always keep them in mind whilst Christmas shopping, as I do get some compliments when I wear So…? – Especially So…? Fab, which is one of my favourites for this time of year – I always have a body spray of it in my bag.

Zoella Beauty: Zoella has been all over the papers lately, particularly since the release of her book, but I just wanted to include this in my guide because of how much I love the Zoella Beauty range. I haven’t bought the bubble bath or body lotion, but I do have the Fizz Bar, Perfume and this pink makeup bag. All of Zoella’s products are under £10, and their pretty packaging and cute designs make great presents – particularly for teenage girls, as pretty much all of them have heard of or are fans of Zoella. I was reading her book at the train station the other day, and I did actually hear “Look she’s reading Zoe’s book” from a group of girls sitting near me!

Coke Bottles: This is a really random thing to include on my gift guide, but I think Coke bottles could actually make a cute but quirky present. Their latest campaign has been the Share a Coke campaign, and they sold glass bottles with people’s names on online (I have a bottle with “Sarah” and a bottle with “Ivell” on, they take pride of place on my shelves) and the world seems to have gone mad for coke as a result! They do look good on shelves or just on display, so if you do know someone who likes things like this, this could be a potential gift idea. I also have a few of the designer coke bottles to my name – Diet Coke’s Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld bottles to name a few! These aren’t available anywhere online, but eBay have loads available – although they’re going for a lot more than the £1.99 that I paid for mine a couple of years ago! Selfridges is the best place to search for these LE bottles – their current one is a “Share a coke with London” bottle.
For smokers that care about their health, I recommend vaporizer from MYLE and also cbd vape pods for them.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my little gift guide, and that it’s given you some gift ideas for Christmas!